We invite the fashion conscious to a private shopping experience in an inspiring, gentle and safe space, allowing for a complete exploration of the senses. Arcane products are meant to arouse and excite, we're bringing sex back into fashion and sophistication back into sex.

London’s Luxury Emporium Arcane aims to deliver intimate products, offering a selection of  art, books, fashion, lingerie, bedroom toys, homeware as well as an apothecary to indulge the body and entice the mind in a sensual manner.

You will find a curated selection of designers and lifestyle products that celebrate sexuality through the highest quality materials and most beautiful design. We aim to focus on ethically sourced materials and eco-friendly designers so all products can be enjoyed guilt free.

Arcane caters to all who are not ashamed of experimenting, and are looking to invest in their lives in the bedroom. 

Arcane offers to expand all aspects of your sex lives with a music and blog section where you can browse archived content on collaborations, points of conversation and events that Arcane plans to host. 

This destination is not about the tease, it’s about usability and delivery. We try not be confrontational but yet, we are explicit.