Cat Claw Mini

Cat Claw Mini


Betony Vernon

The Cat Claw Mini is designed to send shivers up your lover’s spine. Betony suggests sizing the ring to fit the pinky finger so that when you are ready to put it into action, it can be moved to snuggly fit the area that lies just in front of the first knuckle of the middle finger. In this position, the Cat Claw Mini can be used to provide an orgasmic head, foot, or back scratch, to mention a few ideas. The sensations that it provides, in combination with those that the fingertips contemporaneously transmit, will put your lover in a purr.

Note: Always remember to be a good kitty and bare your Cat Claw Mini with love, care, and erotic intent--To do otherwise could be dangerous indeed!

Sterling Silver

Handmade in Italy

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