Petting Ring

Petting Ring


Betony Vernon

Betony believes that in order to experience truly deep sexual satisfaction, the body, the mind and the spirit must be treated as a sexual, sensual whole. The Petting Ring represents her philosophy in the Boudoir like no other “Jewel-Tool” in the Paradise Found collection. Its place in the design world was solidified by its inclusion in “The Touch Me” exhibition at The Victoria and Albert Museum in London and it has since become a prized possession of numerous celebrities and style icons around the world. The Petting Ring’s ergonomic form obliges the index finger and thumb to form the “chi-mudra”, a gesture that is commonly used by practitioners of yoga and meditation to instill a focused, one–pointed state of mind. While the ring can be worn discreetly beyond the boudoir, Betony designed it more specifically with the pleasures of male masturbation in mind. Whether it is used in good company or during solo sex, the Petting Ring brings an entirely new dimension to intimate massage


How to wear it: In order to wear the ring correctly, the larger flat surface between the thumb and index finger rings should rest on the outside of the hand; the shorter flat portion of the ring should rest on the inside of the hand. The Petting ring available online is made for right handed women. Please contact us when in doubt about sizing. Both the thumb and index finger sizes are required.

Sterling Silver

Handmade in Italy

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