The Art of Love


The Artist, Alexander Esguerra had an idea for his first exhibition in 2009. He wanted to capture the beauty and passion of the physical act of love through art. The concept for Love and Paint was born.Following several successful exhibitions, including the sold out show "It's Just Sex" at Andy Warhol's Wooster Street Loft, couples begin to approach Alex, not to buy a painting, but to make one themselves. After their painting session, couples would write Alex about how beautiful the experience was and how it was so much more than sex. We are happy to announce our new partnership with ‘Love and Paint’ with the launch of the new kit that includes everything you need to safely create a piece of abstract art with your partner — and a few extras for you to enjoy. Experience a truly memorable night and discover the artist inside. Available to purchase online - Arcane Gallery - Love and Paint Read more about the story of ‘Love and Paint’ at and see some of the pieces created here on Instagram