Karolina Laskowska


Karolina Laskowska began as a lingerie brand in 2012, after the designer was overwhelmed with requests to sell her creations from online fans. Founded alongside her studies at De Montfort University’s renowned Contour Fashion, the brand went from strength to strength, receiving critical acclaim and a loyal following. In the Summer of 2014, Karolina graduated with a first class honours after being selected to present her couture corsetry collection at Graduate Fashion Week. Karolina also received the prestigious award for ‘Best New Designer’ at the 2014 UK Lingerie Awards.  Karolina’s passion for design lies in her love of exquisite textiles. Whether upcycling vintage artisan kimono silks, antique handmade silk lace or beaded couture French laces, her designs feature both a fierce femininity and a sense of playful eroticism. Biography

Karolina Laskowska graduated from De Montfort University's prestigious Contour Fashion course in the Summer of 2014, having been selected to show her collection at Graduate Fashion Week.   Having begun making lingerie in early 2011, she found that interest and demand for her designs has become greater and greater, until it seemed that the only sensible thing to do was to start her own brand.

In her spare time, Karolina can be found listening to obnoxious music (the heavy metal influences in some of her designs are quite obvious), baking extravagant pastries, getting overexcited by shiny things and rolling around in chantilly lace and Swarovski crystals in a state of glee.  She has a lot of hair and a tendency to pretend she has a moustache. As you may have noticed by now, Karolina can sometimes struggle to take life seriously, particularly when she has to talk about herself.

She is a self-confessed lingerie fanatic and probably has more bras than you do.  Karolina is also a columnist for The Lingerie Addict, the world’s biggest lingerie blog -her monthly column can be found here.