Marlene Plug

Marlene Plug


Adele Brydges

The smooth sculptural lines and elegant weight of the MARLENE PLUG make it a satisfying tool for those seeking to explore anal pleasure; massage the perineum with the domed end or insert the tapered end for more intensity. Introduce additional sensations by warming or cooling to desired temperature in water. We recommend using a natural water based lubricant to enhance your experience.

Produced using the finest porcelain, the creation of the marbled patina on each piece is an organic process and no two pieces are alike. The smooth satin alabaster-like finish that makes this piece feel exquisite against skin while our high firing technique ensures safety and durability.

The MARLENE PLUG is presented in a discrete nude lamb nappa duffle pouch, perfect for storage at home or away.

Handmade to order - up to 2 weeks for delivery

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